TQM Practices

The Company has firm commitment to the philosophy of continuous improvement. The company, in its pursuit for continuous improvement, has embarked the process of TQM. The TQM practices were initiated through a sequence of trainings to change mindset of the employees & make them aligned in one direction of TQM approach. To further make this drive fast, a separate department named "TQM Cell " was established.                

The main objective of TQM Cell is to spread TQM ( i.e. Total Quality Management ) approach in every area of the organization. Each & every employee of the company must participate in the various TQM initiatives taken by the company. For this TQM cell provide trainings to the concerned employees through in house/Visiting faculty. The TQM cell also helps HR department in identifying the training needs of employees to achieve total employees involvement.  
TQM is a very broad level approach, a large number of techniques & concepts come under its preview. The various techniques adopted under TQM in this organization are Autonomous Maintenance, 3M, Kaizen, 5S, QCC, Problem Solving Project, Cross Functional Team Projects, Improvement Projects, Design of Experiment and Daily Work Management. The overall quality of process, product & services have been improved over a period of time practising these techniques. Such Quality initiatives taken so far have given rich dividends in terms of improvement in quality and cost reduction.