Commitment Adherence: With increasing customer expectations, and an overall increase in volatility in business  all bringing new challenges in day to day working and in this environment adherence to commitment made in terms of delivery schedule, pricing, making cotton counts available, quality of yarn gives a great sense of satisfaction to the customer. We feel free to ask customers for more time but do not make a commitment and miss its deadline. We train all personnel who interact with customers the importance of customer commitment and support front line personnel with the resources they need to make their customers happy.

Timely Shipments: Reliability in timely shipments is considered as one of the most important aspect of services given to a customer. We commit viable shipment time taking customer into confidence and strictly full fill it. 
Timely Information Sharing: With the dispatch of container from Mill Campus, information is auto-emailed from our ERP to the customer informing Container No., Tentative ETD & ETA. After a period of 5 - 6 days from date of dispatch of container we inform customer about Confirmed ETD with Vessel Name constituting shipment advice. On sailing of container within a short period of 2 days we email set of complete export document to the customer, which helps it to start import procedure at the earliest. The above timely sharing of information with customer makes them satisfied about their shipments. 

Quick Response: Sometimes customers demand additional service and prompt responses. We ensure that we respond to the customer as soon as we can. Even when we don’t have the solution to customers issue, we reply to them so that they know that we are working on helping them. It is important to mention that our focus is not only on responding but is on responding quickly.
Customer Feedback Management: We have management philosophy that embraces customer satisfaction as a primary goal of business, instead of defending the company in the face of adverse feedback. Complaints offer us an opportunity to correct immediate problems,  provide constructive ideas for improving products, upgrading services. We respond fairly and efficiently to buyer disappointment if any for product quality, shipments, documentation.