Salient Features-Machines

Salient Features-Machines

LMW Blowroom:

  • Dual assortments
  • Guide angles for trolley movement.
  • Inverter driven plucking roller, which rotates in dual direction.
  • Single traversing geared motor
  • Inverter for Lifting & linear movement
  • Fixed cover belt on suction canal for material transportation
  • Trolley Movement with automotive tyres

LMW (LC 363) Carding:

  • Triple / Single Licker-in arrangement
  • Aluminum alloy flats with Increased no. of revolving flats
  • Highest Active Flats Index (AFI)
  • Pressure Regulated Chute for Uniform Feeding
  • Optimum waste extraction at right place
  • Precision and balanced geometry of Technological elements
  • High take up web doffing device

LMW Lapformer:

  • Average delivery speed up to 150m/min
  • Minimum doffing time ensure higher efficiency & productivity
  • PRO-IN control system for better lap preparation
  • Belt drive for smoother & noiseless operation
  • Ergonomically designed positively driven creel for sliver feed
  • User friendly touch screen display for better navigation
  • Improved user friendliness in maintenance perspective

LMW LK 64Z Comber

  • Speed upto 500 npm(Technologically)
  • Mathematical modeling of combing Dynamics & Process (MCDP plus)
  • Technology for high speed operation
  • 3/3 pneumatically loaded drafting system
  • Specially profiled light weight aluminum alloy nippers
  • Piecing assistance in drafting zone
  • Modular Construction

LMW (LD-2) Breaker Draw Frame:

  • Delivery speed upto 1000m/min (mechanical). Technologically upto 800mpm
  • Spring loaded 4 over 3 pressure bar drafting arrangement for controlled fiber flow
  • Timing belt drive fro noiseless transmission
  • Delivery can size of 20" x 45" / 48", 24" X 48" with can changer and 40" X 48" without can changer
  • Ergonomically designed creel for accommodating feed cans upto 40" diameter
  • Increases the efficiency of downstream process by upto 10%
  • Reduces manpower requirements

LMW LRSB 851- Finisher Draw Frame:

  • Delivery Speed upto 800 mts/min
  • DLC – Electronic Leveling System for short, medium and long term variations
  • 3 over 3 drafting system with pressure bar for fiber control
  • Integrated dust extraction system

LMW LF4200/AX Simplex

  • Spindleage upto 200
  • Spindle speed upto 1500 rpm (Mechanical)
  • Auto doffer with provision for bobbin transport system
  • 4 segment servo drive
  • Main draft change through Servo control system
  • Automatic roving tension controller
  • Provision to drive sectional segments
  • Detachable flyer spindle for removing bobbin midway
  • Unique individual bobbin tilting for easy doffing in case of manual doffing
  • Energy efficient auto cleaning suction system for effective suction across the machine
  • Drafting system 4 over 4 or 3 over 3
  • Monitoring of drives / motor parameters from HMI

LMW LR9/Axl Ring Frame

  • Maximum spindles upto 1824
  • Maximum Spindle Speed upto 25,000 rpm (Mechanical)
  • 4QM Drive for Drafting system
  • Duo Suction
  • AC Servo Drive for Ring rail
  • T-Flex drive
  • Touch screen display
  • Auto doffer and Provision to link with winders

Savio (Polar) Link Coner Automatic winder with automatic bobbin feeding and automatic package doffing. Ring spinning frame bobbins are loaded into the hopper box and then placed on the Flexitray (peg) to be transferred to the preparation station. Each bobbin placed on Flexitray is automatically moved to the “yarn finder station”, in order to prepare it for the following winding process. All the above mentioned operations are automatically made and “operator free”.