Quality Assurance Systems

At DCM Nouvelle Product Quality is taken very seriously with extensive experience across domains of incoming raw material , in process material & yarn. Our commitment to world class standard operating procedures (SOPs), deep understanding of global technologies & material behaviour while processing  helps us to meet customer requirement all the time. Highly flexible, reliable & precision global model for testing (right from raw material to packing) & their analysis by applying  advance statistical  tools & techniques  enable  to improve product Quality continuously.

a) For  Incoming  raw Material: We  follow World class   cotton lot management system  &  a decision regarding approval /  rejection of purchased lots  will be taken by as per quality norms decided by Q.A . All critical raw material parameters  (e.g. micronaire , CG, UI , MR ,trash%) are monitored & are controlled  on daily basis to maintain status quo & to achieve Customer Satisfaction Index of a new height.
Varieties Consumed Bunny/Shankar-6/J-34
Parameters Values
Length (UHML) 30mm+
Micronnaire (μ gm/inch) 4.0 – 4.4
Strength (gm/tex) > 31
Maturity Ratio (AFIS ) > 0.92
Trash Content < 3.3 %
Short fibre Index (SFI) < 4.5
b) In-Process Testing & Process Optimisation: In-process material checking is done at every stage and  process parameters are set as per  input  raw material through Quality Control Process control (QCPC)  plans. By strict &  consistent compliance to this  excellent  pro -active  QCPC plans (for QA upstream)  help  to minimise process & product non-conformance to a greater extent .
c) Finished Product: Before the final product is being dispatched to our final customer, all quality  specifications  & other  studies  (including fabric analysis-both inhouse & out source) are conducted so that chances of passing non conforming products are completely ruled out.