Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

DCMN has always endeavoured to uplift the concept of corporate social responsibility. The interests of the community have always been of much concern to Wherever possible it has contributed to their fulfilment.

School managed by DCMN at Hisar provides education along with facilities for computer knowledge, sports and cultural activities to children. Scholarships and free books are also provided to meritorious students of the school. To help the student’s coming from poor and uneducated families additional classes are also arranged.

DCMN encourages adult employees towards continuing education by support in form of free tutorials, books and note books.

Health: DCMN organizes regular free medical camps for its employees and their families. Doctors advise and educate the community on various health issues as a preventive measure

Environment: The Company maintains large number of trees on its campus which are helping to save the environment.